MJ cut her hair off. And thank you 23,000 viewers of my last blog! 

So it’s been a little busy around here for Lacrosse mommy. Seb’s tooth came out right before the Kenston spelling bee.

Coco spent last week majorly cramming for Mock Trial (and won “Best Attorney” making G-diddy out in Phoenix proud!) Phoebe’s home from college which means we spend Monday evenings deeply analyzing Peter Weber, the new Bachelor. E.B.’s started climbing on the pool table and can now say “lollipop”. MJ had her first ballet lesson last week

and decided it was time for a haircut.

That she should execute on her own.

At 5:30AM.

While mommy folded laundry downstairs. 

“Why?” you may ask, would one do such a thing? Miss Margaret Joy said she wanted to “look like Elsa” and, according to  her 3 year old logic, cutting her hair would actually make it grow longer. #Motherhood.

As you’re wiping your tears from watching that video, I should also mention that you can now watch 30 Rock on Amazon Prime for free. That the McDonalds steak egg breakfast sandwich is quite tasty. That my husband and I took an anniversary getaway and slept a full, interrupted 8 hours! That my sister Esther is studying nonprofit management at Columbia Business School because she’s such a smarty pants. And that I’m officially done with a certain airport car service here in the Cleve which can never “keep the reservation”

In other news, 23, 000 of you graciously read my last blog. Thank you! Thank you for reading and thank you for all the “shares”, comments, reactions, and e-mails detailing stories of how you’ve been helped, saved, and granted hope by The Salvation Army.

Many of you emailed me your personal stories and I’m so touched to hear about your dad, a WWII POW who was given his first cup of coffee thanks to an SA officer “angel”. And from some of you currently living in the ARC (Adult Rehabilitation Center) rebuilding your lives after years struggling with addiction.

Sorry I can’t respond but just remember, my full-time gig right now is to read “Goodnight Moon” to my 18 month old and dance to “Let it go”:

My biggest regret from last Sunday is that I didn’t start a hashtag #TellYourSAStory so your inspiring stories wouldn’t wind up in my Inbox but instead, live “out there” on social for others to read.

Given I worked in social media and didn’t even think to use a hashtag…well, all I can say is mea culpa

A few of you mentioned your concern with a topic I didn’t address in my blog. Leadership qualifications in The Salvation Army church.  Actually, leadership qualifications within any Christian church.

If you’re interested in exploring this issue, talk with a Salvationist more well-versed in the theology of 1 Timothy 3 or check out two book recommendations from my former pastor in New York, Tim Keller:  “Washed and Waiting” by Wesley Hill and “Is God Anti-Gay?” by Sam Allbery

For myself, I disqualified myself from leadership as an officer in The Salvation Army years ago for a simple reason – I’m not selfless enough to let people come up to me 24/7 when they need a winter coat or a meal, I’m not confident enough to walk onto an airplane and have people confuse my uniform for that of an airline pilot, and I’m not patient enough to walk through the ups and downs of addiction with clients of the ARC like Army officers.

Back to Tim Keller, while on my way to Walmart last week to procure Unicorn Lollipoops (yes, that says poops…) I heard Tim explain that what makes a family isn’t genetic material, it’s the commitment to covenant.  He explains: “You’re not a family until you’re stuck. Until you’re resting in each other.

He also made it clear that our primary job as parents is not to simply provide “emotional warmth” but to help our kids understand “the moral order of the universe.” To help them learn what’s worth “living or dying for.”

That’s probably the best parenting advice I’ve heard, only to be outdone by my mom’s wise words to pray, pray, and pray.  I probably listen to three Tim Keller sermons a week and recently discovered why his sermons have such impact – he bathes his sermons in prayer and study, spending 60 hours preparing each talk. Now that’s what you call excellence.

As I advise my kids on the “moral order of the universe” I hope they take away their Bubbe’s advice to “pray, pray, and pray” as well as TK’s work ethic and excellence in whatever task you undertake. I also hope they leave our home and find a church family, a place where they too can be convicted of their sin, encouraged by God’s grace, and “rest in each other” through the trials life brings.

We had some friends over for dinner recently who asked how we landed at our home church here in Chagrin Falls. I hadn’t really processed that question but reflected on how we came to that decision that night.

Two years back, while weaning Margaret Joy from breastfeeding, I developed really bad acne; painful cystic acne which necessitates an injection by a dermatologist to treat. This cystic acne is all thanks to hormone changes. #Motherhood.

It looks terrible and makes you feel terrible.  I started calling myself “pizza face” and remember very clearly one Fall Tuesday morning as I left the dermatologist thinking I needed some spiritual encouragement right then and there. A place I could walk in with gauze on my face and nurse my baby during a Bible Study. And I knew where I could go.

Our now home church.

I walked into the Women’s Bible Study, met Carol, and no one treated me differently because of how awful I looked. And then my friend Jen prayed the most beautiful prayer over my cystic acne that I still remember today.

As I thought about that Tuesday morning, finding a place where I could “rest”, I’m reminded of our tender King Jesus. Yes, He is mighty, and powerful, and able to do all things, even move mountains. But He is also gentle – a daddy we can run to, a friend we can talk to, a Healer we can pray to.  

May we rest in Him today. 



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