Raising Warrior Women

Look what Eric put on my car last week:


Speaking of student drivers, Coco got her permit last week.  And as Chloe drives down Faraway Trail, MJ watches Peter Rabbit (which like Shrek, I enjoy more than she does) and simultaneously tries to eat pictures of desserts in The New York Times Food section.


As MJ literally tries to bite into the newspaper, I’m working on my Lysa TerKeurst Bible Study, Seb sings happy birthday ALL THE  TIME (an idea Bubbe gave him to assure he washes his hands for a full 30 seconds) and Seb’s friends come by to grab a popsicle and forage in our backyard so they can all get poison ivy together.

Fun times.

To facilitate all the foraging, I’ve tried to institute a “wear a watch and come home at 5:30PM” policy. But Seb is finding it very challenging to keep track of that watch. Every day last week that watch disappeared and every day Seb blamed MJ (because why not?) or, of course, me.

He’s turning into an 8 year old Bulldog:

Inevitably, we find the watch exactly where Seb put it 2 minutes prior and then I remind Seb that his watch really isn’t lost until I can’t find it.

Just the other day, Seb could not find the ketchup. Anywhere. And I mean, the kid took time away from building his Lego set to spend an entire 2 seconds actually looking for it before announcing MJ stole his ketchup.

I found it. In the freezer. He’d put it there.

Pew Research says parents spent 47% of their time worrying about their kids. This is why.

In other news, Grocery Store Joe is going on DWTS, we saw Crazy Rich Asians, I read that your childrens cells live on in your body your entire lifetime, and Eric Boaz slept a full night!!!!


Since E.B. decided that sleep was, just maybe, a good idea at 10 weeks of age, I got to read the paper (this WSJ essay is the best: Yes, we really do want to have a 5th child),  learned more about David & Goliath from Malcolm Gladwell,  heard MJ start saying “you guys” and “sit down!”, and I went to Target last week.

By myself.


Lastly, I’m now praying Proverbs 31 over my daughters since a “wise woman builds her house” (in the emotional / spiritual sense) and “watches over the affairs of her household” – what Tim Keller calls the ultimate “managing partner.”

And, per the Hebrew word khayil, a “noble” woman is also valiant. A soldier.

She’s a warrior.

A warrior prepared for heroic action (“she girds her loins” in verse 17 = an idiom). A warrior with “power as her clothing” (verse 25). A warrior who possesses “faithful instruction on her tongue” (Hebrew term torah-chesed in verse 26).

And this warrior keeps an upbeat attitude in the process – she “delights in working with her hands” (verse 13).

Most importantly, a warrior woman, as Proverbs 31 outlines, “laughs at the days to come” (verse 25).  By watching stuff like this:

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