Mom & Dad – P.S. I Love You!

Our week in NYC over Spring Break… “our” I mean the little ones as Eric took the girls on a college tour & hit the slopes in CO while I hit the Bronx Zoo and the Museum of Natural History with Seb & MJ in tow.

Because based on last Spring Break, we learned that it is not wise to bring a 7 year old and a 4 month old on a 12 hour car ride to Nashville, drive hours each day with them stuck in a car while I changed MJ’s diapers in the back seat of the Yukon, had Seb spill his McDonalds french fries over my head, and not sleep for an entire week as we visited colleges.

It was not Spring-y and it was not Break-y. It was stupid-y. #Newbiemommy

I digress. The Big Apple visit with my fam enabled us to see old friends from News Corp / Dow Jones (Seb got to see the WSJ newsroom where mommy used to write tweets and meet my boss Mark),

see the Redeemer Downtown crew, wake Uncle Wally & Aunt Esther up crazy early as MJ knocked on their door, discuss this CT article on surrogacy over burgers, watch an undercover cop arrest a guy playing chess near Aunt Es & Mommy’s grad school alma mater

volunteer at The Salvation Army at 14th street

see a dear family I used to babysit (these kids I took to see High School Musical years ago are now wise, leading worship at Hillsong and modeling  and completely gorgeous), watch them film Blindspot on the Upper East Side, haul a stroller up and down the subway at 42nd street, and discuss who we’re rooting for on American Idol.

The answer is Maddie. Here’s why:

But mostly, it enabled the Larson sibs to come together to celebrate mom & dad’s upcoming 47th anniversary.

Mom & Dad, thanks for your fervent prayers, your sense of humor (“remember everyone, just don’t be yourselves!”), your constant encouragement, your emotional support, your practical help with parenting, Costco runs & diapers, your frugality (let’s split a Starbucks latte 6 ways! And a Costco Diet Pepsi 8 ways! And sneak popcorn into the $1.50 movie theatre!) and the major,  fully selfless investment you’ve made in my family.

Choe’s interested in law school – that’s you. Phoebe’s highlight of her life is Teen Missions – that’s you. Seb is reading like a whiz kid and getting involved with The Salvation Army – that’s you. MJ has a bunny costume over her highchair and reads the newspaper  – that’s you.  Thank you for impacting my life and by extension that of our children.

May the Lord bless you with another abundant year of life together as we welcome another little guy in July to your gaggle of grandchildren in Chagrin.

Love you!

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