“Get tougher rats”

That’s a line from Bette Midler in “Big Business” by the way. One of the greatest movies of all time. Later her husband asks, “You’re raising a child, not a CEO!” to which she replies “Well, maybe I’ll raise both.”

Remember when scripts were witty, well-crafted, and unfolded a story? They’re rare these days but if you’re looking for a beautifully told story check out “Wonder.” And every Seinfeld episode of course.

Other entertainment recs? Raising Helen. I noticed a few parallels to my own experience becoming insta-mom to 3 except that Kate Hudson smokes, worked in fashion in NYC, and has really good hair.

She also dates John Corbett in the movie, my Hollywood crush, but Eric, don’t worry:


I get Helen. I get what it’s like to have people inform you that you don’t have the right mom hair cut or #you’redoingitwrong. Sometimes women can be quite cruel to their own kind.

Which is why it’s important to keep a sense of humor about it all. While learning to drive at 34 years of age in the Ohio snow I’d remember Michael Scott’s wise words:


While dealing with “interesting” people I remembered this:



#2. Walking through your own “Raising Helen” moment? When you’re called to make a big decision: to marry, adopt, have children, switch jobs, move…here’s a tip – you can ignore A LOT of people.

Here are the people you listen to – the people who will ultimately be impacted and involved. The people who care. The people who’ll share the load once you’re in the situation. For me this includes: big bro, sistas, mom & dad:


#3. And then there’s the actual working through it. As Robin Roberts likes to say on GMA: “make your mess your message.” The tough stuff makes us who we are. We can’t change the circumstances that come our way but we can be “tougher rats” as we go through it.

#4. Next, we can keep our attitude uplifted by praising the God of heaven throughout the trial. Blonde pastor Aaron noted that if Corrie Ten Boom can thank God for fleas in the concentration camp, we too can be grateful no matter what God doles out to us. Or, to paraphrase 1 Thess 5:18 we should always give:


#5. Lastly, we can meditate on the truth, first and foremost, that He’s bigger than us. Cue Whitney:

In other news, I plan to wash the trash cans now that it’s warming up. Do other people do that, you know wash the green bins you take to the curb?

Seb is currently learning to count money at school. Which reminds me of this SNL skit Eric often references since I thought he was a bank teller our first couple of dates :

Baby Peiffer #5, by God’s grace, continues to grow in my basketball size belly:

And Seb’s been missing Bubbe lately since she’s AZ-bound taking care of dad post foot surgery. Everyone misses you mom, including little Larson who looks exactly like Esther as a baby in this picture of us:


And lastly, to my most faithful blog reader, bridesmaid in my wedding, and Joni Eareckson Tada camper: Happy upcoming Birthday Danielle!


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