George Bush School Outstanding Alumni …Esther Larson

“The only force equal to a fundamentalism of hate is a counter-fundamentalism of  love” –  Rabbi Jonathan Sacks 
Since graduating from the Bush School where she led the Public Service Organization, Esther has been a force for good, a counter-fundamentalism of love in Manhattan.

She’s helped marginalized and struggling low-income New Yorkers as a grant writer, volunteer coordinator, and donor development lead at the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, the New York City Coalition Against Hunger (NYCCAH), and Hope for New York (HFNY).

At each organization, Esther galvanized investment bankers, artists, and regular New Yorkers by heading up Young Supporters groups for fundraising and awareness purposes. She put on a fashion show at NYCCAH to benefit the hungry, launched capacity building seminars through HFNY (providing training & development to nonprofits) and has worked tirelessly to find sustainable solutions and funding for the 1 in 5 New Yorkers who are “food insecure”.

Beyond the borders of the U.S., Esther has worked with nonprofits like The Salvation Army in Ghana, taught English in India, and volunteered at homeless shelters in South Africa with her family during her annual 2 weeks vacation.

As Social Engagement chair for the Young Republicans Club in Manhattan, Esther organizes the annual kickball competition against the Young Democrats (proceeds go to charity) & spearheads the Christmas YR cookie bake for the NYPD.

By working towards the shalom of her local, national, and international communities, Esther embodies the Aggie spirit of selflessness and excellence. She sweats the small stuff by being detail oriented and conscientious in her work. David Thomas said “unselfish & noble actions are the most radiant pages”, Esther has a tome full of them.

Esther will conduct a Skype session with a Bush school course in 2 weeks so they get a glimpse into what it’s like in the grant making nonprofit sector outside the confines of the classroom. She’s involved in the NYC GBS alumni group, recruits friends from the Young Republicans Club & National Review Club to apply to the Bush School, and facilitates career networking for Bush alum new to Manhattan.

Her outreach, engagement in social and charitable organizations, and commitment to the nonprofit sector make Esther a stellar candidate for this award.

Nominated by Marcia Larson Peiffer, George Bush School Graduate: Masters in Public Service & Administration 2005, Texas A & M.

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