Something Just Like This

Raven Get off Yo Phone

If I didn’t love being a mom, and reminding people to “Get off Yo’ Phone” I’d be a professional matchmaker in the Patti Stanger mold. I really want to help people find love. And I’m totally an expert since, you know, I married about 10 years later than the average woman : )

I’m also an expert at seeing interesting baking ideas on Facebook and then botching them completely despite watching and re-watching the video. I tried this So Yummy pie crust idea but Seb informed me that “mommy, it didn’t quite pan out”.

Chloe is Freshman Class President so naturally, her first idea is how to get a Starbucks on campus. Grandpa Larson was recently in town and fully supports the Starbucks idea. Because who doesn’t want a Venti Chai Tea Latte at all hours of the day?

9/11 came this year as it does every year which reminds me of the day when my brother (who lives 2 blocks from the WTC) called to say he was okay. The only comfort in that experience is remembering what Dostoevsky wrote in Brothers Karamazov that “I believe like a child that suffering will be healed and made up for”.

To relax during laundry sessions lately, I’ve been watching mindless reality TV. I love hearing yuppies on “Bachelor in Paradise” proclaim “we’ve been through so much” because, you know, sipping margaritas in your bikini on an island together is roughly on par with raising a disabled child, facing a Hurricane as it rips through your home, and caretaking your aging parents.

And yet, I watch.

After laundry is completed I get back to business – which is watching MJ join Seb on a ride along:

When I look back on what I hoped & prayed for all those years– a loving husband, the chaos of dishes & piles of laundry & cloth diapers & SAT classes & tennis lessons, I realize I was praying for, to borrow from The Chainsmokers & Coldplay, Something Just Like This.


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