Seb and food coloring = Covfefe.

Summer is here. Which means more time. Time to scan Buzzfeed for Costco lists.

Try out new recipes for chocolate mousse with Seb. Study the book of Proverbs via Tim Keller sermons. Find ingenious covfefe memes.

Find Seb “doing science experiments” with food coloring in the kitchen. Clean up said “science experiments” and explain why mom should chaperone any Einstein-esque endeavors involving red dye 🙂

Discuss Lord of the Rings with Seb. Pause movie to reveal my “Precious” voice. Read CSL’s “Four Loves”. Try and grasp the extravagant love of God despite my many failings.

Watch MJ open drawers, get stuck under drawers, suck on all our shoes, laugh at my jazz hands, stand and subsequently plop down on her diaper clad tuches.

Run errands. Run more errands. Do laundry. Do more laundry. Watch The Bachelorette with my babes. Discuss Whaboom guy!?!  Learn about this Magnolia phenom from my sis. Change cloth diapers. Sing “God is so good” to the little ones.

Watch MJ attack cousin LBJ (Little Baby Jeffrey) with enthusiastic hands as they eat The New Yorker together. Take pieces of The New Yorker out of their mouths. Replace said paper pieces with Honey Nut Cheerios.

Summer’s just beginning but a lot happens at Eric Peiffer Industries between Chloe’s braces coming off, Phoebe driving, Seb learning about dinosaurs, Judaism, and breastfeeding (in that order), MJ discovering the wonders of applesauce, Eric amazing me with his giving heart –  to everyone, at all times, in all ways.

But the greatest event of summer thus far is what Gods teaching me about freedom. And what we have to look forward to someday.

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June 7, 2017 · 10:26 am

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