It’s called “amazing” grace for a reason

Jan Brewer

On the flight from NY to Phoenix yesterday I finished Tullian Tchividjian’s book on grace – presenting the Gospel of heart transformation as a precursor to behavior modification. Or what C.S. Lewis calls “1st things 1st.”

I have this annoying habit of folding down pages as I read, writing in the columns, underlining good stuff with big pens, and writing blogs (like this one). It’s a habit I picked up from my grandfather (G-diddy) who would put exclamation marks in his 1 Samuel Bible commentaries to make sure generations down the line wouldn’t miss the good parts.  “Boaz is a goel!” “Ruth chose God over her own culture!”

Not that the Maxon/Larson family is dramatic or anything…..

Best quote from Tullian is this:

“ The truth is, disobedience happens not when we think too much of grace, but when we think too little of it.”

That grace is what the prayer breakfast today for Governor Jan Brewer was all about.

Now, if you know me at all, you know I’m not a big political person – and today’s  prayer breakfast was not a political event but a spiritual one.  One my dad tireless puts together year after year because my parents don’t know what the word “relax” means.

The prayer breakfast is an event that simply recognizes our political leaders  – President Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast back in January, Governor Brewer today – need wisdom, support, and strength outside of themselves.

The breakfast today was uplifting. It was fun to emcee. Though that meant  I couldn’t live tweet.  Such a travesty. Doug Ducey (our State Treasurer) led the invocation and dutifully helped me propagate the #AZPray hashtag.  For the political leaders not on Twitter, maybe after the sequester the government can hire Twitter coaches. I know one.

Fellow Salvation Army NAB member Micheal Flaherty of @WaldenMedia  spoke on discouragement, surrender, his film on Birmingham, and the “substance of faith being hope in the unseen”.  He also joined the Larson fam for tuxedo cake afterwards which mom kept referencing as a bribe our entire stay.

When Micheal comes THEN we can eat the tuxedo cake. If you lay out outfits for me THEN you can eat the tuxedo cake. If you take down the bunny costume THEN you can eat tuxedo cake.  If you don’t let Micheal see our dirty garage THEN you can eat tuxedo cake.

The tuxedo cake was good, but not that good.

Mike F

Other stuff happened at the breakfast. Denise Hawk brought me flowers. Esther, Wally, and I  caught up with old friends. My mom took lots of pictures. And then I spent the rest of the day soaking up the sun and  ruminating upon grace.

Grace is something I hope to ruminate upon forever, because it’s so wide and so deep and so powerful I simply cannot fathom it. Here’s the thing about God’s grace. It makes NO sense. It is truly amazing. Which is why The Salvation Army band closed today’s breakfast with “Amazing Grace.”

We left the room in awe of what’s been done for us.

And what’s been done? EVERYTHING.

Frank Vizcarra


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2 responses to “It’s called “amazing” grace for a reason

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog Marcia!!! Can’t wait for coffee!!!

  2. Marcia, your presence at the Arizona Governor’s Prayer Breakfast was a true blessing and a perfect example of grace. You handled the Master of Ceremonies job very well and I was delighted. Yes, our Lord has certainly blessed us and we in turn pay it forward in all that we do to honor Him. His gift of love, mercy and grace is certainly Amazing, amen!

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