Time to say goodbye

IMG_1757This week is my 5 year anniversary at News Corp. And today marks the end of my HR journey.

Monday I start a new gig here at Dow Jones, sadly a few steps farther away from the free candy area and the cappuccino maker.

Something tells me I’ll manage to take those extra steps.

It’s been a ride. I’ve had footballs thrown at my head, conducted over 400 interviews, played Patti Stranger with “speed recruiting” nights, blogged, tweeted, voiceover’d, and become a regular at the 44th street Gregory’s – consuming far too many sugar free vanilla iced lattes.

I’ve watched people I’ve hired get married, seen their sons get bar mitzva’d, and struggled with my colleagues through the hard stuff – cancer, death, divorce, and layoffs.

The thing about work is that it isn’t just a place I go, it’s a place I grow.

Dorothy Sayers says that “as we are, so we make” – and it’s in these walls that God’s gifts and talents come to life through the people around me. Like the wall builders in Nehemiah, people here “have a mind to work” and it shows.

So thanks (or T.Hanks). Thanks to the people who’ve supported, listened, and challenged me these past 5 years. Showed me my many flaws. Pushed me to do better. Especially my boss & mentor Mark  (pictured below). I’ll miss ya Yoda. And hope to write many a corporate memo/blog using “peeps”, “deets”, and “fam”.

Just to drive you nuts….1009


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  1. Paula Keve

    Well WE are thrilled to have you.

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