Yeah, sweat the small stuff



Tonight’s gala event was yes, about the chocolate strawberries for dessert, hearing Aretha Franklin sing “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”, watching Peter Cincotti work up a sweat jamming on the piano, and hearing the kiddos from PS 206 in Harlem play their violins and flutes for the crowd.

But it was also about the small stuff.

Meeting Lawrence DePrimo, the NYPD officer who’s small act of kindness reminds us of what Christmas is all about. 

Talking with Salvation Army officers who have been handing out coats and hot meals to the needy of New York in small gestures of compassion. 

Hearing Kenneth Burton & Phil Ramone explain why their hearts are so big for these little kids studying El Sistema uptown.

God is all about the small stuff. 

He uses small and flawed people (King David, Paul, Peter, Naomi) to accomplish His purposes.   We are indeed those small people – what Jeff White called tonight “the lost & the lonely” that God loves so very much.

Did I mention that God is all about the small stuff?

He sent His Son as a baby, a little guy, to save us.

Commissioner Gaither spoke about the small stuff tonight.  

In fact, The Salvation Army is all about how that small stuff – those tender acts of grace, those little manifestations of hope, come together for a big God who loves us in a big way. 

A God whose love for us is so vast, we can not fathom it. A God whose forgiveness is so immense, it overwhelms us.  A God whose concern for us was so tremendous He sent His Son to be near to us – Emmanuel.

In one of our earlier committee meetings Phil started talking about the song “What if God was one of us?” Love that song. But love even more that it’s not a question. It’s a statement. God was one of us. He came as a baby. He lived. He died. He gave us life.

Tonight’s gala is a small glimpse into small gestures coming together for a big God who loves us in a big way. It’s about how a small baby can become a King. How a child in the projects can become the next Aretha Franklin. How the small become great when they serve the Greatest.

Merry Christmas.Image

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